F a i t h

Class 10

This week's Homework in Year 5 and 6:

  • Write a 200-500 word mystery story based at Maldon Promenade (Up to 40 minutes)
  • Times Table Rockstars (Up to 30 minutes)
  • Read Theory quizzes (Up to 30 minutes) 

This week's spellings

Words are words converted into nouns or adjectives using the suffix -ful: fearful, doubtful, boastful, thankful, faithful, beautiful, pitiful, plentiful, fanciful, merciful.

Year 6 should practice the Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling List over half-term.

Star of the week

Congratulations to Juliet for being awarded the star of the week certificate this week for her outstanding writing.  

On Wednesday 5th December 2018, four talented mathematicians in year 6 were selected to go the semi-final of the maths competition at Explore Learning and were given three challenges to complete in 55 minutes.
The team of George, Annabel, Joely and Francis worked well as a team, sharing their ideas of the brainteasing questions. The challenge was to find a way that a number is made by adding together the numbers on the fold of the number line (1-200).
Francis said,” It was brilliant to think deeply about the questions and to work with an excellent team.”
Joely said,” It was an amazing experience to make it to the semi-finals.”
Annabel said,” It was great that we got to take part of the event.”
Finally, George said,” It was fun and exciting to get a feel of what secondary maths equations are like.”


Just a quick reminder that planners should be signed by the child's guardian, it is good preparation for when they go to secondary school. Planners should be used by the children for various reasons such as recording homework and reading, extra-curricular clubs they attend and any other information they deem to be relevant. 

Times table rockstars (TTR) and Read Theory 

TTR is fantastic for the children recalling their multiplication and division skills. If these skills are cemented then it will help with their overall maths. I will regularly be setting 'Battle of the Bands' competitions e.g. girls vs boys, Year 5 vs Year 6 etc.


Read Theory is a website we have recently introduced. It is a website to assist with their reading comprehension and we are already seeing the benefits with the pupils using it. 


Mrs Peters and I have created a 'Bookopoly' board to encourage reading. Each child will have a 'playing piece', and their aim is to read their way through the challenges. Once they have completed three challenges they will be rewarded a raffle ticket to put into a jar. From then on, for every two challenges they complete they will be able to put in one raffle ticket. The raffle will take place during the last week of term before the Christmas break. I am regularly adding to our class library however, if you have any old children's books at home that you would like to donate or loan us until the end of the year that would be appreciated. Thank you.