F a i t h

Class 10

STAR OF THE WEEK: Congratulations to Katie who was awarded our certificate this week. During our time at Kingswood, she has grown in confidence. The trip has enabled her to become more confident around her peers, and she is already showing that in the short time we have been back in the classroom.   


HOMEWORK AND SPELLINGS: Both homework and spellings are handed out on a Friday. Homework is due in on the following Wednesday or before. Spelling tests will take place a week after they are handed out. 


YEAR 5 SPELLINGS: Words with endings with the long vowel sound /i/ spelt with 'y': apply, supply, rhyme, cycle, identify, python, identify, occupy, hygiene, multiply and hyphen


YEAR 6 SPELLINGS: Turning -ent Adjectives into -ence/-ency nouns: innocent, excellence, innocence, confident, decent, confidence, decency, existent, excellent and existence.

SCHOOL COUNCIL AND ECO TEAM: Congratulations to our school councillors, Katie and Charlie F, and our Eco team representatives, Alex and Gabriella. 

TIMES TABLE ROCKSTARS (TTR) & BUG CLUB: This year in Class 10 I am really keen to encourage the children to be proactive in their learning and they can do this by doing a little more at home. All children have been given their TTR (an app for children to develop their multiplication and division skills) log in details - the website is and Bug Club details - the website is please note that the school code is 'rqrx'. 

BOOKOPOLY: Mrs Peters and I have created a 'Bookopoly' board to encourage reading, each child will have a 'playing piece', and their aim is to read their way through the challenges. Once they have completed five challenges they will be rewarded a raffle ticket to put into a jar. From then on, for every two challenges, they complete they will be able to put in one raffle ticket. The raffle will take place during the last week of term before the Christmas break. I am regularly adding to our class library, but if you have any old children's books at home that you would like to donate it will be hugely appreciated.