F a i t h

Class 9



Spellings this week are homophones or near-homophones:

past, passed, proceed, precede, aisle, isle, aloud, allowed, affect, effect.

Star of the week

There was no achievement certificate this week due to the Kingswood Trip.

Club spaces

There are still spaces at hockey and dodgeball club for members of Class 9.

Maths Homework

This week's maths homework is below. Children can choose from A (Mild), B (Spicy) and C (Hot) and should take no more than 40 minutes. Please make a note on the homework if your child has experienced any issues.

Online reading

The Class have been encouraged to start a new Bug Club book at

New titles have been allocated and children have been given their usernames.
Short and long free readers have been allocated Blue (KS2) level.
Please note the school code you need to input is rqrx.


School Council and Eco Team

Congratulations to our school councillors, Rachel and William, and Eco Team representatives, Amelie and Lexie, who have been elected for the forthcoming academic year.

Some examples of activities from this year in our class.

Class 9 Teacher - Mr Richardson