F a i t h

Archery, Boccia and Kurling

Eleven children from Key Stage Two took part in the Boccia, Kurling and Archery festival at Melbourne Sports Centre.
With more than 80 teams and over 250 children competing the competition was tough, but every team enjoyed at least three victories in their competition. The archery team of George, Logan, Lara and Candy finished fourth in their group. Our Boccia team of Alex, Thomas and Johnnie came 14th, while our Kurling team, which is played on mats and not on ice, also came 14th and included Amelie, Miranda, Seb and Richie, all from Year Four.
Lara said: "I was really proud of myself when I earned the winning point. I felt under pressure because I was the last thrower.
George and Candy added, "We felt amazing when we hit the target for the first time."