F a i t h

Welcome to Class 6

Spellings week commencing 13th January - week 2

Please could your child bring in empty Pringles tubes or small (Ben and Jerry's style) ice cream tubs with lids for a project in D&T.

Tuesday - PE

Wednesday - Homework due

Friday - Spellings and Homework given out. 

Hyde Hall Trip - 19th September 2019

This is our class mascot, a bat.

Year 3 Spellings - Spring term 1

Class 6 Maths Homework, due in 22nd January. Please try the harder version.

Middle School English Homework 

Homework – Middle School – Due Wednesday 15th January

Write a diary entry as if you are a character in a fairy tale. For example, Red Riding Hood or Goldilocks.

If you would like a challenge, try not to use the main character. For example, the wolf from Red Riding Hood or one of the three bears.

Spring Term Learning Map