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Class 7

Welcome to Class 7's page! Check here to find homework, information about our learning and pictures of what we've been up to in class :)  


Please could your child bring in suitable coloured magazines or newspapers to cut up for collage. Many thanks. 


Week 3 spellings will be tested on Monday 30th September

Week 4 spellings will be tested on Friday 4th October 

Apologies for the confusion!

Class Teacher: Mrs Martin and Mrs Quinn

LSA: Miss Byford

Hyde Hall

We had such a great time at Hyde Hall and learnt so much for our Science topic - plants

Things to remember!

Homework Set: Friday

Homework Due: Wednesday

Spelling Test: Friday

P.E.: Tuesday and Thursday

Year 3 spellings, Autumn 1

Year 4 spellings - Autumn 1



English Homework – Middle School. Due in Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Choose 2 pages in your reading book. Make a list of the pronouns that you can find.

Deeper thinking: Can you write a paragraph using some of these pronouns about your best day ever (can be imaginary).

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Some of the activities we have done so far this year!

Try this fun game to practise your tables at home!

English Homework

Topic activity Homework

Autumn 1 Learning Map

100 books to read in Year 3 7 4

Converting document.

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