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Welcome to the Early Years Class

Dear Parents and Carers,

Here is a list of different activities you could do at home over the next 2 weeks. These are not compulsory, we thought it would be useful to share some ideas to keep your children entertained.

Warmest regards, The Cathedral School Team.

EYFS Easter activities

  • Make a poster to say thank you to the keyworkers and display it in your window at home.
  • Build a reading den and share your favourite stories with your family or face-time another family member.
  • Do something kind for someone at home or someone in the community that needs help.
  • Look out of your window and draw what you see.
  • Make up a dance routine to your favourite song.
  • Set up an obstacle course in your garden or house and see how fast you can complete it.
  • Make a sock puppet and put on a show.
  • Complete a jigsaw.
  • Paint rocks and turn them into animals, you could have your very own rock pet.
  • Draw or paint a butterfly using exotic colours.
  • Draw an Easter picture, how many different symbols of Easter can you think of?
  • Make some Easter treats to share with your family.
  • Plant some seeds and watch them grow!
  • Have an Easter egg hunt around your house or garden.

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EYFS Class Teachers

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