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Welcome to the Early Years Class

Dear Parents and Carers,

Here is an overview of tasks we’d like children to complete at home over the next week. We are committed to making sure that your child is still learning as much as possible and endeavour to do our best to keep this happening.

Warmest regards, The EYFS team.


EYFS Home /School Learning 6.07.2020

Ongoing tasks

                   look at phase 2 and 3.



  • Read the story ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. Or you watch it here:
  • Make a wanted poster so we can find the Wizard Lizard. Describe what he looks like, give as much detail as possible. For an extra challenge, you can add where he was last seen, why he is wanted and the reward for finding him.
  • Think of some questions you might ask Superworm. Ask an adult to write them down and think how might Superworm answer the questions. 




 Do the daily White Rose activities (Summer Term Week, week 5 18 May) that goes along with our story Superworm this week.   Post some photos of the activities you completed.


Understanding the world 

  • Earthworms are amazing creatures! Watch the video and talk about the wonderful new facts you learned about them.
  • Is there anybody in your life that you feel is a hero? Think about the people in your home as well as people in the community. Draw a picture of them and say why they are your hero.
  • If you were a superhero, what would your special power be? Use the template (or create your own) and think carefully about your name, what your powers are and how you got them. Don’t forget to draw a picture!
  • RE – Read the story of The Crossing of the Red Sea.

You can watch the story here:

You can make a craft to show Moses parting the sea (see a template in the documents).

  • If you like stories about worms, here a couple more for you to listen to.

Diary of a worm:

Yucky worms! :


Expressive Arts and Design

  • Superworm does not really look like a superhero. Design a special superhero costume for Superworm to wear.
  • Design your own superhero mask. Add lots of colours and detail to make it unique. There is a template in the documents you can use.
  • Create your own superhero character that is based on a different animal/creature or insect.
  • Follow the step-by-step drawing instructions and draw your very own Superworm!
  • Create beautiful string paintings. Watch the video for instructions:

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