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Welcome to Class 3!


Dear Parents and Carers, Here is an overview of tasks we’d like children to complete at home over the coming week. We are committed to making sure that your child is still learning as much as possible and endeavour to do our best to keep this happening.

Warmest regards, The Cathedral School Team

Lower School/Home Learning 6.07.2020

Complete 1 English and 1 Maths activities plus a foundation subject task each day if possible.


Pobble365 - Access Pobble365 – use the picture and complete one of the activities suggested.

Settings description - Following the very successful settings descriptions of Paddington station, we would like to challenge you to describe the jungle in deep, dark Peru. It would be a great idea to look back at your station description to see if you could reuse any of the great language WAGOLL

Instructions for sandwich- We know from reading your stories that many of you like alternatives to marmalade in your sandwiches. Could you record your own cookery show demonstrating how to make the perfect sandwich and follow it up with a series of instructions? WAGOLL

Spelling - Watch the video link and try and think of any words that you know with prefixes. Can you find any in a book from home? Or on bug club? Then have a go at one of the prefix worksheets saved in the documents section - TEMPLATE

Location Poem – senses So many of you enjoyed the poem last week that we thought we would plan something similar for this week, only instead of writing about Summer you could write about a different part of the world. You could choose London? Or Peru and use your descriptive writing for ideas? Or you could go right back in your home learning and choose a different location. It’s up to you! WAGOLL

Spelling Shed – This week we have added a ‘London’ list linked to Paddington’s adventures.

Daily reading! - You must make sure you read daily. Check out our 100 suggested books on the website or try listening to an audio book.

Bugclub (Active learn – school code: rqrx)

Choose an activity and complete.


White Rose Maths

The White Rose videos will continue to be available on the White Rose Home Learning website but the question and answer sheets will now be saved onto Tapestry in the documents section.

Times Table Rockstars

Log onto Times Table Rockstars and practise your times tables. Your log in details are stuck in your homework diaries.

Hit the Button

Play the games on ‘Hit the Button’.

Practical Maths activities

Timings of your day – How long do you spend doing different things each day? Can you find 4 activities that you spend more than half an hour doing? And 4 activities that you spend less than half an hour doing?  WAGOLL

Topic: (History/Geography)

Can you sort the features into human and physical and write sentences underneath explaining how you know if they are human or physical features? TEMPLATE


Circle time-Refer to last week’s learning about what makes you sad. Can you think of ways to solve these issues? Discuss and share your ideas. Can you also think about how we can make others feel better when they are sad? Questions to ask on Tapestry.


Some more music videos from Mrs Miller on Tapestry

Year 1 – Goodbye for now

Year 2 – Revision

 See Tapestry Posts from Mrs Miller


This week’s challenge is ‘Right Way, Wrong Way’. How is your accuracy and speed? Good luck! Can you challenge a family member or friend to see if they can score a faster time? Post a video of your attempts and maybe we will try and challenge you too!


What have we learnt about The Gospel? Read through the PowerPoint and recap what we have learnt this half term about The Gospel, friendship, forgiveness and peace. What can you remember about these teachings? Discuss the questions in the PowerPoint. Can you create a poster using the images from the WAGOLL or design your own using what you have learnt? WAGOLL


Animals as Humans – What do you know?

This term we have revisited Animals and Humans familiarising ourselves with lifecycles, adults and their young and healthy lifestyles. Now it’s your turn to test us!!!! Can you think of 6 questions based on the learning that you have completed? Write the questions and post on Tapestry for us to have a go at. You could also test a friend or family member and post their score to see if we can beat them. WAGOLL


Purple Mash has been updated with some new ‘2dos’ so please log on and have a go at some of these new activities. Remember to take as much care over your computing learning as your written activities!


Design a front cover for your Paddington Story – Design and create a front cover for your Paddington story that you wrote previously. Consider what you might include in the picture to give the reader an idea about what might happen in your story. You might like to use colouring pencils, felt tips or maybe even paint your front cover! TEMPLATE

Templates for Home learning activities

 Can I design a vehicle for Mrs Armitage.pdfDownload
 Room explorers - a template.pdfDownload
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Summer Term Learning Map

Useful links for home learning!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please find the passwords and usernames for TT Rock-stars, Bug Club and Purple Mash in the front of your child's reading record. 

Happy reading and have fun practising those times tables!

Miss Green

Class 3 Teacher

Miss Green

Class 3 TA

Mrs Fletcher