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EYFS Home Learning 22nd February 2021


Possible Timetable – EYFS (Classes 1 and 2)







Session 1

RE (live - Teams)

Topic (live - Teams)

Maths (live - Teams)

Topic (live - Teams)

Maths / Show and Tell  (live - Teams)

Session 2

Expressive arts and design.




Handwriting / Letter join

Understanding the World.


Session 3

Phonics (Pre-recorded on Tapestry)

Phonics (live – Teams)

Phonics (live – Teams)

Phonics (live – Teams)

Phonics (live – Teams)

Session 4

Story time – Pre-recorded on Tapestry

Story time – Pre-recorded on Tapestry

Story time – Pre-recorded on Tapestry

Story time – Pre-recorded on Tapestry

Story time – Pre-recorded on Tapestry


The time for the live Team session are set according to the timetable (see newsletter) all other sessions you can do at a convenient time for you. (the above is a suggestions)

The teachers have release time on a Monday afternoon therefore the session is pre-recorded.




Weekly objectives

Can I form lower case and capital letters correctly?

Can I write short sentences with words with known letter-sound correspondences using a capital letter and full stop?

Can I re-read what I have written to check it makes sense?

Draw a picture of something you did over the weekend.

Can you write the initial and end sounds of the words to describe your picture?


Read the story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy

Think about all the adventures Baby Bear had and the fun he had on the moon with Owl.

Write a letter to Owl inviting him on another adventure or telling him what you enjoyed about the picnic on the moon (Teams lesson).


Think about what you would take on an adventure to space, write a list of what you would pack.





Can I read simple phrases and sentences made up of words with known letter-sound correspondences?


Phase 3 phonemes ee and igh.

Look at the letter sounds, find items and write words containing these letters.

Can you make a sentence with any of the new words you have discovered?

(Phonics is covered on Teams every day).





Can I explore the composition of numbers to 10?

Can I automatically recall number bonds for numbers 0-10?


Watch Numberblocks series 2 episode 7

Think about the different numbers that made it to the moon, they all added up to 10.

Can you work out number bonds to 10? (Teams lesson).


Watch Numberblocks series 2 episode 15 ‘Ten green bottles’

What happens to the numbers every time a bottle falls? Notice how the numbers are getting smaller.

Look on a number line and work out the number that is on less than a given number.

Complete the one less than washing line activity saved in documents on Tapestry.


Watch this Oak Academy lesson all about exploring one less than




Expressive arts and design

Can I create collaboratively sharing ideas, resources and skills?


Make a cardboard tube rocket (Teams lesson).

Make a rocket out of shapes, there is a template saved in documents on Tapestry that you can use.





    Understanding the World.

    Can I understand some similarities and differences between the natural world around me and contrasting environments, drawing on my experiences and what has been read in class?

    Can I use new vocabulary in different contexts?


    Watch the story ‘Back to earth with a bump’

    Talk about how this story is same as and different from ‘Whatever Next’.



    Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

    Can I manage my own needs?


    Watch and take part in this lesson from Oak Academy

    This one is called ‘Brush your teeth’ and helps us learn about why it is important to look after your teeth.



    RE - Creation



    Can I recognise that people have different beliefs and celebrate special times in different ways?

    Can I understand the meaning of Lent and understand why we want to have a new beginning?


    Cut out a leaf shape and think about the expression ‘turn over a new leaf’ talk about how we ask God for forgiveness.

    Write or draw something you are sorry for on one side of the leaf and then something you want to do better on the other side. (Teams lesson).



    Physical development (PE and handwriting)

    Can I combine different movements with ease and fluency?

    Can I develop the foundations of a handwriting style which is fast, accurate and efficient?


    Practice forming the graphemes ee and igh, use Letterjoin to help you.


    Play a game from the Spring term PE ideas to practice your skills (saved in documents on Tapestry).


    If you require any additional support please contact your teacher via Tapestry