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We achieved the Green Flag award in July 2019 and are due to renew our award in July 2021

We are all incredibly pleased with our achievements and determined to continue our good work in the 20/21 academic year. We are continuing to work on our action plan and make climate change a whole school focus. 

What's next...

We need to continue our hard work on our 3 topic areas (school grounds/ waste/ litter) and our further 2 topic areas (transport and healthy living) in order to maintain our Green Flag award. Please watch this space for our amended action plan...

ECO reps

Well done if you were elected as your class eco rep for 2020/2021. There is plenty to be done and lots of exciting projects to become involved in! Much of our work will be communicated via class worship and tapestry. So please check your tapestry accounts!

The Cathedral School - Reading Hub

Our new reading hub has been incredibly exciting and it's even more exciting for the ECO team as its current focus is 'our world'! We were fortunate enough to receive a '2020 Hanson box' free from the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation and the books donated are displayed in our new hub. 

ECO Citizen Award 2020 

Congratulations to Gabriella who was nominated for the 'ECO Citizen Award 2020' and has been awarded a first or second place prize! (We eagerly await the award ceremony later in the year.) She has been commended for her hard work and passion towards a greener future for everyone!

Inspirational Young People...Emily...

Emily ensures her 2.5km road is free of litter and then recycles the rubbish found, well done Emily! 


‘Switch off fortnight’ was 16-27th November 2020. Can you count the number of appliances in your home? Can you think of ways to reduce your energy? Challenge yourself to a day without electricity?!

Our School ECO Code
Our School ECO Code

The Cathedral School - Reading Hub...

Inspirational Young People at

The Cathedral School

Well done to Oliver who is the first person to be part of the new section on our eco page. Here, we will be sharing the fantastic action on climate change that our young people are taking at home. Oliver has been seen cleaning up the streets of Chelmsford and acting as a super role model!

Are you working from home and been using a lot of ink?!

We are very excited to announce that we are now working with The Ink Bin- a specialist teacher-led business which supports pupils to collect empty inkjet printer cartridges. The Ink Bin pledge to recycle as much of the single-use plastic as possible and also send away some cartridges for refilling in order to reduce their carbon miles. For refillable cartridges, the company will give the school money which we can spend on exciting new equipment.

Please do check at home (and at work) to see if you have any old cartridges which can be brought into school- every cartridge makes a difference! Please find our collection bin in the school entrance foyer.

 Volunteers needed 

If any parents/grandparents are available to help at all, with any of our projects, please email Mrs Morecroft. There is plenty to be done remotely, so anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated!


Do you have a business in Chelmsford and would like to share how you help reduce single use plastic? If so, please see Mrs Morecroft to discuss ways in which we can work together.

The Cathedral School - Reading Hub...


Part of our action plan is to reduce our use of energy. We are monitoring the use of electricity within classrooms, particularly the lights and screens!


''Some lunchtimes with Mrs Morecroft ECO reps from a class go round the school and give classes a green leaf or a red lightbulb. Red means you need to try harder to save energy and green means carry on doing what you already are.' By Amber.

'We are making good progress with our action plan, although class 7 and class 11 need a little help to save more energy! By Evie. 


See our ECO board for the scores!


If you have any suggestions or ideas, please see your class ECO rep or place a note on the ECO board!

Inspirational Young People...Juliet...

Juliet is a keen 'litter collector' and also helps reduce packaging at home by visiting the local refill shop. Well done!

Take a look at our most recent action plan below...

During 'Waste Week', members of Class 7 created and produced these empowering campaign videos to spread the word about reducing plastic usage. Below are just a few examples of their hard work!

Here's how to make your own compost at home... Please share your success in school!

Our school has achieved the 'Green tree schools' Bronze award from the Woodland Trust! We hope to work towards the 'Green Tree Schools' silver award in the coming year. See our certificate for bronze below: