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Green Flag award! - July 2019

We have now achieved the Green Flag award! This is the highest level possible. We are all incredibly pleased with our achievements. The ECO committee met with the assessor, who asked a variety of questions, and had a tour of the school. She visited our classrooms and looked at our ECO board and curriculum displays across the school. Outside she could see the ongoing improvement to the reflective garden and surrounding areas. The assessor enjoyed finding out about our work to raise awareness in the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling, and how we are reducing the amount of waste and litter within our school. See our certificate on the ECO board!


Do you have a business in Chelmsford and would like to share how you help reduce single use plastic? If so, please see Mrs Morecroft to discuss ways in which we can work together.

Curriculum in action!

Class 6 wrote persuasive letters to 'Pilot' asking for them to reduce plastic waste. And this was their response! 



Our School ECO Code
Our School ECO Code

What's next...

We need to continue our hard work on our 3 topic areas (school grounds/ waste/ litter) and develop a further 2 topic areas (transport and healthy living) in order to maintain our Green Flag award. This will be reassessed in July 2021! See our latest action plan below.


During 'Waste Week'  2019 children enthusiastically learnt how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Children took part in a range of activities and learnt about recycling from the team at Chelmsford City Council. Well done to Marconi and Hoffmann who were the winners of our 'Plastic' house competition!


If you have any suggestions or ideas, please see a member of the ECO committee or place a note on the ECO board!



Volunteers needed 

If any parents/grandparents are available to help at all, with any of our projects, please see Mrs Morecroft or Mrs Baldwin. 

If you are interested in taking part in 'Gardening Club' please see Mrs Morecroft or check the ECO board in school for the Gardening/ECO Club timetable.

For those children who wish to help with litter picking please see Mrs Rizza or Mrs Kirk at lunchtimes. Everyone is welcome to help!

Crest Nicholson

We have had a very generous donation from Crest Nicholson of around 100 plants! The plants can be seen in the garden areas outside Class 3/7 and 11, as well as, in the reflective garden. 

Take a look at our most recent action plan below...

During 'Waste Week', members of Class 7 created and produced these empowering campaign videos to spread the word about reducing plastic usage. Below are just a few examples of their hard work!

Here's how to make your own compost at home... Please share your success in school!

Our school has achieved the 'Green tree schools' Bronze award from the Woodland Trust! We hope to work towards the 'Green Tree Schools' silver award in the coming year. See our certificate for bronze below: