The Cathedral Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

confident, compassionate and successful


F a i t h


Head Teacher 

Mrs L Wiskin


Inclusion & SEND Coordinator 
Mrs K Truelove







Early Years Staff

Deputy Head Teachers

Mrs L Quinn

Mrs H Russell

Mrs K Grover (Phase Leader) & Mrs N Dippenaar
Support Staff

Mrs T Panteli

Mrs S Peters

Mrs S Wilkins

Mrs E Baldwin

Mrs C Beackon

Mr M White

Miss E Catley



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Key Stage 1


Class 3 Miss Green

Class 4 Mrs J Southgate (Phase Leader)

Class 5 Miss Adams


Support Staff

Mrs L Bird

Mrs C Fletcher

Mrs H Smith 

Mrs J Ellis

Mrs N Booth

Mrs J Pullen

Miss E Catley

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Middle School

Class 6 Miss Southward,  Mrs S Kilbey (Fridays)
Class 7 Mrs Martin (Phase Leader), Mrs L Quinn (Mondays)
Class 8 Mrs Cuthill

Support Staff

Mrs E Wren

Mrs M Papararo

Miss E Byford


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Upper School


Class 9 Mr P Richardson

Class10 Mr J Davis

Class 11 Mrs Russell (Phase Leader)


Support Staff
Mrs A Prentice,
Mrs C Palmer,
Mrs S Peters,
Mrs E Baldwin,
Mrs M Kerrison




Additional Teachers

Mrs S Kilbey

Mrs N Morecroft

Mrs S Burnham

Peripatetic Liaison & Class Music Teacher
Mrs K Miller 
Mrs A Panteli
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Swimming Teachers
J Doubleday
J Fox
J Algar
D Lawson