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EYFS Home Learning 15th March 2021





Weekly objectives

Can I form lower case and capital letters correctly?

Can I write short sentences with words with known letter-sound correspondences using a capital letter and full stop?

Can I re-read what I have written to check it makes sense?


Draw a picture of something you did over the weekend.

Can you write the initial and end sounds of the words to describe your picture?


Read the story ‘The Messy Magpie’

Think about how the environment changes when it is polluted.

Draw a picture the countryside without pollution and a picture of the countryside with pollution, think about the differences.


Read ‘The Messy Magpie’ again.

Think about the different things that pollute the river and the countryside.

Are these manmade or natural materials?

Draw a picture of something that is manmade and something that is natural.




Can I read simple phrases and sentences made up of words with known letter-sound correspondences?


Phase 3 phonemes or and ur.

Look at the letter sounds, find items and write words containing these letters.

Can you make a sentence with any of the new words you have discovered?




Can I explore the composition of numbers to 10?

Can I automatically recall number bonds for numbers 0-10?


Watch this Oak Academy lesson all about weight

What different words can we use to describe how heavy or light something is.


Draw some different items from around the house, add the label ‘heavy’ or ‘light’ to describe them by weight.


Think about capacity, use different containers in the bath or the sink, can you find the container with the smallest and biggest capacity? How do you know?




Expressive arts and design

Can I create collaboratively sharing ideas, resources and skills?


Think about recycling and use the junk from your home recycling bag to make a model.

Make a poster telling us why it is important to recycle plastic.

Think about what happens when plastic goes into the ocean.

This video might help you



    Understanding the World.

    Can I understand some similarities and differences between the natural world around me and contrasting environments, drawing on my experiences and what has been read in class?

    Can I use new vocabulary in different contexts?


    Look at a map of the world, can you identify where all of the seas and oceans are?

    What sea creatures do you think might be affected by plastic pollution?

    Why do you think this?



    Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

    Can I manage my own needs?


    Can I manage my own needs?


    Watch and take part in this lesson from Oak Academy

    This week we are thinking about how the Coronavirus has affected us.

    This lesson is all about healthy hugs!



    RE - Creation

    Easter Sunday

    Can I recognise that people have different beliefs and celebrate special times in different ways?

    Can I understand the meaning of Lent and understand why we want to have a new beginning?


    Read the story of Jesus’ resurrection in the Bible. Think about why God sent Jesus back to us after he died.

    Draw a picture of Jesus with his disciples, family and the angels protecting him and celebrating.



    Physical development (PE and handwriting)


    Can I combine different movements with ease and fluency?

    Can I develop the foundations of a handwriting style which is fast, accurate and efficient?


    Practice forming the graphemes or and ur,, use Letterjoin to help you.


    Go on a walk and try you clean up your local environment by picking up litter.
    Do some gardening and get rid of the weeds, plant some seeds, think about how you can make you home environment happy and eco friendly.


    If you require any additional support please contact your teacher via Tapestry