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Middle School Home Learning 22nd March 2021



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Can I write instructions?

‘What to do before, during and after a hurricane’

Make a list of questions you would ask somebody who had been in a hurricane.


Can I plan a letter?

(You are writing to a person who has been in a hurricane)

Can I write a letter?

Can I edit a letter?




Please attend the Teams sessions and complete the work on Tapestry.


Class 6


24 hour clock



 Find and compare durations


Start and end times





Time related word problems



Class 7



 Analogue and digital (Y4)

Find the duration (Y3)


Find and compare durations

(Y3 recap)


Start and end times

(Y3 recap)


Measuring time in seconds

(Y3 recap)


Class 8


Converting analogue time to digital 12 hour clock


O’clock/half past

Quarter to/quarter past

5 past/5 to

To the nearest minute




Can I relate the Easter story to Christian responses?

Watch and answer the following questions:-

What do the children do? What do the clergy do? What do people remember?

What do people feel? What do people make? What do people say?


Can I show how a Christian might respond to the Easter story?

Think about how the emotions of joy. sadness and hope are present in the Easter story.

Create a piece of artwork to show these three emotions.

Try to show in your artwork how the emotions are present in the Easter story and also in the world for Christians today.


Choose Palm Sunday, Good Friday or Easter Sunday.

Create a presentation to explain your understanding.

Think about including: a suitable cross and an explanation about what this reminds Christians of as well as a retelling in your own words how your chosen day is recorded in the Bible.

You can present your work in any way you like.




Please select an activity from the Home Learning packs available on Tapestry.



Who is in our ‘school community’?

Look at the PowerPoint and think of ways in which you can pledge to help our school community.

Choose how you present your ideas.




Can I practise my typing skills?

(Purple Mash 2type)






 If you require any additional support please contact your teacher via Tapestry