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Upper School Home Learning 10th May 2021




You MUST make sure that you are reading every day! Make sure you create a Home Reading Thread on Tapestry and update it each day to show us what you are reading.

Throughout the week, you need to also complete either:

1 activity on ReadTheory and 1 activity on BugClub;

2 activities on ReadTheory; or,

2 activities on BugClub.


Can I analysis and describe the language used within a letter?

Looking at examples of letters from the previous day, get the children in pairs to analysis the language, grammar (first person), and the layout of the letter.

Is the letter using persuasive language, what type of letter is this?

Can I plan a letter to Lady Macbeth?

(See Tapestry resources)

Can I use persuasive language in my letter?

(See Tapestry resources)

Can I evaluate my letter and improve it?

(See Tapestry resources)

Can I plan and prepare to write a letter to Macbeth from Lady Macbeth?

(See Tapestry resources)


Rule: Challenge Words 

There are two activities uploaded onto Tapestry for you to complete and there are games on Spelling Shed for you to play as well. 


Year 5

Can I Identify 3D shapes, including cubes and other cuboids, from 2D representations?

Children re-cap on prior understanding of language associated with the properties of 3D shapes, for example, faces, curved surfaces, vertices etc. Children also look at properties of 3D shapes from 2D projections, including shadows and elevations

Can I Describe position

Children are introduce to coordinates and they describe positions in the first quadrant they read, write and use pairs of coordinates. Children need to be taught the order in which to read the axes, x-axis first, then y-axis next. They become familiar with notation within brackets.

Can I draw on a grid?

Children start with an understanding of the origin (0, 0), before moving onto reading other coordinates. They understand that the first number represents the

Can I identify position in the first quadrant?

Children mark co-ordinates on a grid and use co-ordinates to draw the vertices of shapes.

Which of the numbers represents the coordinate on the

Can I understand translation?

Children learn to translate shapes on a grid by focussing on one vertex at a time when translating.

Attention should be drawn to the fact that the shape itself does not change size nor orientation


Year 6

Can I classify triangles?

Use the activities and resources on Tapestry to classify triangles using a ruler to measure the sides.

Can I calculate a missing angle in a triangle? (2 days)

Building on from yesterday, use the resources on Tapestry to calculate the missing angles in a range of triangles?

Can I calculate a missing angle in a triangle?

Building on from the previous two days, use the resources on Tapestry to find angles that are on straights lines, around a point and vertically opposite in a triangular shape.

Can I classify quadrilaterals?

Use the resources on Tapestry to classify the quadrilaterals based on their properties.



Can I ask sensitive spiritual questions?

To consolidate our learning about Judaism, as a class we are going to be sending an email to a person of the Jewish faith. You need to think about what you have learnt and what you would like to know more about in Judaism to formulate some questions that you would like to be included in the email. Upload your questions on to Tapestry. 


Can I analyse the reasons for, and the results of historical events and changes?

Refer back to your newspaper report from last week. Write nine reasons why Henry VIII broke from Rome on separate pieces of paper. Can you arrange them into a Diamond 9 to show the reasons in order of significance?


Can I consider the reliability of interpretations and evaluate their usefulness?

Look at the portrait that has been uploaded onto Tapestry. Who is this monarch? When did he reign? Use the links that have been uploaded on Tapestry to research key information about this monarch and write it into a biography.


Can I understand and explain people’s diverse experiences within a period?

Watch the Horrible Histories about the English Civil War linked on the Tapestry post. Draw a picture of a roundhead and a cavalier to show the differences in their uniforms.

Use the Civil War information sheet and the blank map of the UK to plot the location of the major battles.


Can I explore the grammar quizzes and Text Toolkit software?


Have a look at the Year 3 to Year 6 Grammar Quizzes that are set as 2Dos on Purple Mash and then use the help video section to create your own grammar games using the Word Spot and Cloze tools.



Can I recognize the importance of human rights?

Pupils will be given a basic overview of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and how the law in the UK protects all citizens’ human rights. Choose a particular right and generate a poster. It must:

■ Explain why this right is important;

■ Describe what life might be like if this right was not respected;

■ State any responsibilities that might come with having this right.


See online Resources – Spring Term Home PE (G) 

Choose from the 10 activities in Pack G – try as many as you can and record your times and scores on your PE Active Planner to put on Tapestry to share with your teacher.