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Class 11

Autumn Term 1 Learning Map

Useful websites

Online reading

The Class have been encouraged to start a new Bug Club book at

New titles have been allocated and children have been given their usernames.
Short and long free readers have been allocated Blue (KS2) level.
Please note the school code you need to input is rqrx.

Use your log-in on to complete increasingly tricky reading quizzes.

To practise your timetables quiz, remember to log-on to Times Table Rock Stars using the link below:       

Remember to use the Child/Pupil Login and then click on Student and School.
Our school is The Cathedral CEVA Primary School, Chelmsford.
Speak to Mrs Kilbey if you have lost your username or password.

This is a quick-and-simple website on which to practise times tables. You can set the difficulty level too.

Purple Mash                     

Spelling Shed                   

Summer Holiday Tasks for Upper School 

In preparation for the Autumn Term, here are some holiday tasks that you might like to complete to give you a taste for our learning.

  • Find ten funky facts about the Ancient Greeks using the internet or books. Funky facts are facts that you think no one else will know.

  • Find out about different materials that the Ancient Greeks used. What did materials they use to make their clothes? What materials did they use to make their cooking utensils? What materials did they use to build their houses?
  • Find and listen to a piece of Ancient Greek music. What do you notice about the rhythm and tempo? What instruments can you hear? When do you think the Ancient Greeks listened to music?

Extra! Extra!

If you would like to go further, see if you can taste some Greek food.


This is a useful resource for parents and children on recognising and dealing with anxiety: Anxiety Booklet

Useful links for Home learning!