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Class 8

Dear Parents and Carers, here is an overview of tasks we’d like children to complete at home over the coming week. We are committed to making sure that your child is still learning as much as possible and endeavour to do our best to keep this happening.

Warmest regards, The Cathedral School Team

Middle School/Home Learning w/c 6.07.2020

Complete 1 English and 1 Maths activities plus a foundation subject task each day if possible.



Weekly Pobble365

Access Pobble365 – use the picture and complete one of the activities suggested.


1 - Read to the end of the story (on Tapestry) or watch

Complete a book review (on Tapestry).


2 – Imagine you were living in a very grey world with lots of rubbish around. What would your dream world look like?

Plan a story, based on the Tin Forest, where their character starts somewhere unpleasant and changes their environment to somewhere pleasant.


3 – Write your story using your plan.


4 – Create a mini book of your story including illustrations.



White Rose Maths

White Rose will be posting activities to complete and at-home help videos to support maths at home each day. The worksheets and answers will be posted in the documents section on Tapestry.

Further practice is available at:



Can you create a game involving some element of maths you have learnt while at home? You could use dice, make cards to match or even create a board game. There are some templates available on Tapestry to help.


Times Table Rockstars

Log onto Times Table Rockstars and practise your times tables. Your log in details are stuck in your homework diaries.



Daily reading!

You must make sure you read daily. This is a great opportunity to read some good books –check out our 100 suggested books on the website or try listening to an audio book.


Bugclub (Active learn – school code:rqrx)

Choose an activity and complete.

Science: Forces and Magnets


Think about the PE sessions you have done over the past few weeks.

Can you draw stick men to show each activity and label the forces being used in each? Or take a photograph of you doing each activity and label with the forces.


Topic: (History/Geography) and Computing:

Choose a world river to research and either:

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation about your river
  • Create a poster or booklet about your river.

Remember to use your research and searching skills on the Internet (if you are using this). There are resources from last week (also uploaded to this week) plus you may have books around that could help you.


Practise the statutory words for your year group. These can be found on your class webpage or online at:


Draw or paint a picture of the world that you would like to see. How might people behave in your ideal world? How could you show this in art?



Thinking about how money is used, can you identify different ways (other than coins and notes) of making payments? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of each way? (You may have to ask your adult to help with this!)



Calling All Travellers!

Your final French task for this term is to create a travel guide for a French beach of your choice. Your travel guide will need to include:

  • A map of France to show where your chosen beach is
  • A map of the beach if there are attractions and facilities for visitors to use
  • A vocabulary mat of words relevant to your chosen beach
  • An explanation paragraph as to why you should visit

It is suggested that you use one week to complete your research and the following week making up your travel guide. You can draw your travel guide, or you can use software on the computer.

Happy travelling!


D&T – Shadow Puppets

Create a play using your shadow puppet and perform it to an audience.



On Tapestry there are some videos about learning an instrument for you to watch. If you already learn, why not post a video of you playing on Tapestry too?



Healthy Hearts Circuit Training Activity.

Can you increase the time to 20 seconds per activity?

 Well done to Miranda, Amelie-Rose, George, Amelie, Casper, Elijah, Francine, Jeremiah, Holly, Mimi, Euan, Oscar, Maisie and Kaitlyn for reading on Bug Club last week.

Don't forget to read your messages on there to see how well you have done.

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