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Class 8

Dear Parents and Carers, here is an overview of tasks we’d like children to complete at home over the coming week. We are committed to making sure that your child is still learning as much as possible and endeavour to do our best to keep this happening.

Warmest regards, The Cathedral School Team

Summer Holiday Tasks for Middle School

In preparation for the Autumn Term, here are some holiday tasks that you might like to complete to give you a taste for our learning.


  • Do some research and create an Ancient Roman fact file. Choose your top 3 most interesting facts and have them ready to share when you return in September.


  • Design your own Roman shield. Research the colours and patterns and think about what it would be made from and what it would be used for.



  • Find out about Rome today. Can you find it on a map?



  • Have a look for Roman numerals. Where can you spot them?  Can you work out what any of them stand for? Do you see any patterns?



 Well done to Miranda, Amelie-Rose, George, Amelie, Casper, Elijah, Francine, Jeremiah, Holly, Mimi, Euan, Oscar, Maisie and Kaitlyn for reading on Bug Club last week.

Don't forget to read your messages on there to see how well you have done.

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