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Clubs Booking Forms



Extra-Curriculum Clubs 

Dear Parents/Carers,


Clubs run by staff and agencies will start in the week beginning Monday 10th January unless stated. With the exception of KS1 running club which is switching to Thursday, you do not need to sign up again for any staff-run clubs.


The other changes are that Football Club on Wednesdays will now be for Year 1/2 and Football Club on Thursdays will now be for Year 3/4. Multi-sports on Monday will be extended to Year 5.


After half-term, Friday’s running club will become a Year 3-5 club and other clubs such as Tri-Golf will return to the calendar. More details on these will follow in February.


Please complete the links below to express an interest in KS1 Running or any agency clubs (these charge £4-£5 per week and we will send letters once they are at capacity).


Other than footwear, children will not need to change for clubs that are on their PE days. In all circumstances, a change of kit for sporting clubs is required.

Monday after-school

Year 1/2 – Tag Rugby with agency; Year 3-5 – Multi-sports with Premier Sport*

Year 3-6 – Choir with Mrs Miller


Tuesday after school

Year 5/6 - Football with Mr Gilmour Year 1/2 - Choir with Mrs Miller


Wednesday before-school

Year 5/6 – Basketball with CMXSC (formerly Elite Basketball)


Wednesday after-school

Year 1/2 – Football with Chelmsford City; Year 5/6 – Dodgeball with Premier Sport*


Thursday before-school

Year 3/4 – Dodgeball with Winger Academy


Thursday lunchtime

Year 3 – Spanish with Kidslingo


Thursday after-school

Year 1/2 – Football with Chelmsford City; Year 5/6 – Netball with Mr Davis;

Year 1/2 – Running with Mrs Southgate


Friday before-school

Year 5/6 - Hockey with Mr Gilmour


Friday after-school

Year 4/5/6 – Running with Mr Richardson (until half-term for Year 6)

Year 1/2 – Dance with Premier Sport*


We provide advanced notice of the cancellation of any club via Scopay.

 Pleas contact the school office if your child would like to be added to one of the above clubs.

Kind regards

Mr Richardson