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Clubs Booking Forms



Extra-Curriculum Clubs 

Clubs run by staff and agencies will start in the week of Monday 25th April unless stated.


After Easter, Thursday’s before-school Dodgeball club will be extend to Year 5 and Year 3/4 Cricket Club will return with Paddy from Springfield Cricket Club on Tuesdays.


Please complete the links below to express an interest in any clubs. Agency clubs charge £4-£5 per week and we will send letters once they are at capacity. Please inform the staff member as a matter of courtesy if you no longer wish to continue with a particular club.


Other than footwear, children will not need to change for after-school clubs that are on their PE days. In all circumstances, a change of kit for these sporting clubs is required.


Click here to express an interest in Before-school clubs: 8am to 8.45am

Click here to express an interest in Lunchtime/After-school clubs: 3.20pm to 4.15pm


Monday after school

Year 1/2 – Tag Rugby with agency; Year 3-5 – Multi-sports with Premier Sport*

Year 3-6 – Choir with Mrs Miller


Tuesday before school

Year 3/4 – Cricket with Springfield Cricket Club


Tuesday after school

Year 5/6 - Football with Mr Gilmour, Year 1/2 - Choir with Mrs Miller


Wednesday before school

Year 5/6 – Basketball with CMXSC (formerly Elite Basketball)


Wednesday lunchtime

Year 4/5/ – 11+ Club with Mrs Wiskin


Wednesday after-school

Year 1/2 – Football with Chelmsford City; Year 5/6 – Dodgeball with Premier Sport*


Thursday before school

Year 3/4/5 – Dodgeball with Winger Academy


Thursday lunchtime

Year 3 – Spanish with Kidslingo


Thursday after-school

Year 1/2 – Football with Chelmsford City; Year 5/6 – Netball with Mr Davis;

Year 1/2 – Running with Mrs Southgate


Friday before-school

Year 5/6 - Hockey with Mr Gilmour


Friday after-school

Year 3/4/5 – Running with Mr Richardson

Year 1/2 – Dance with Premier Sport*


We provide advanced notice of the cancellation of any club via Scopay.


Kind regards

Mr Richardson